Heal, so you can live in alignment in the purpose, plan & gifts of your Higher-Self, Excellence is Healing , Abundance is Healing, Confidence is healing
Healing doesn't mean you are Broken.

Choose Your Style of Transformation

Cognitive + Meditation

In this session, we engage the cognitive mind, helping you ‘understand’ the why of your or Read More…
others’ behavior, behavioral psychology, patterns & spiritual lessons. This is followed up by a meditative cleanse so shift the energy. This is most suited for people with a “logical, analytical” mind, who need to UNDERSTAND so you can change. Also best suited for people in leadership positions, so once you understand human psychology, you can apply the same concepts to your team/clients. Sessions are in 2 parts – Cognitive + Meditation and a minimum of 4 sessions must be booked

Energy Healing

In this session, we just LET GO, no cognitive analysis, no why, just a surrender to let go of whatever we decide is. Read More…
This is most suited for people feeling stuck, exhausted, burned out or even tired of the analysis-paralysis Best suited for people in any level of life, be it post a break up, or PTSD, or even simply just Tired and want to feel Yourself. a one-off can be booked, but best results are seen when weekly sessions are booked in

Soul – Confidence

This is not for the Faint-Spirited. This is for people who have ambitious souls, You KNOW you deserve more & are ready Read More…
to put in the work. The schedule covers everything in your life, relationship with self, others, work , manifesting, self sabotage, confidence- Everything that comes up for the Best of You. This is best suited for people that have done some self work and are ready, brave & committed to show up for themselves. It’s a 16 session pack spread over 20-24 weeks- can we online & face2face

About Kim

Kim Shelar is a meditation expert, mind excellence training facilitator, energy healer & international retreat host. Having spent 16 years in the corporate space before she moved to this realm, her vision is to bring the benefits of mind potential & energy into the lives of people who spend most of their day in their office & business.

Through her company Mie Mind, she delivers corporate training (mindset, communication & confidence), retreats (for individuals & corporates) and is recently a co-founder of HerVoice Collective (a community for women in leadership roles).

Group Sessions


Orchids Roy-Campbell -

I trusted my intuition and dove into her program. It was a decision I'll forever be grateful for. Kim's sessions seamlessly blend spiritual wisdom with practical business strategies, offering a unique perspective that ignited my creativity and propelled my entrepreneurial aspirations. One of the most transformative aspects of Kim's coaching was her ability to encourage me to step out of my comfort zone. Read More...

Kim's mentorship goes beyond conventional business coaching. She recognizes the importance of aligning with one's higher self and harnessing the power of meditation and spiritual growth in the entrepreneurial journey. Her insights have not only helped me navigate the complexities of business but have also enriched my personal growth in ways I never thought possible. In essence, I wholeheartedly recommend Kim to anyone seeking a mentor who not only understands the intricacies of entrepreneurship but also values the significance of spiritual enlightenment in the pursuit of success. With Kim by your side, you'll not only achieve your business goals but also embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment.
Perrine Tilloy -

"I met Kim a couple month after I arrived in Dubai. By then, I didn't know I would embark on a healing and empowering journey, but when I started the work with her, everything started to make sense. She uses her skills and gifts to help her clients grow and tap into their feminine amplifiying energy, and I am grateful to be one of them. Also her experience in the corporate world makes her insights about feminine leadership truly powerful. Women have their own leading style, Kim embodies that and helps her female client to unveil their true feminine power.

Tuba Rahman -

Kim is a testament to genuine talent and dedication. Her compassionate and insightful approach is truly empowering, especially in the realm of female leadership. I have had the privilege of working with her and her expertise has profoundly impacted my personal growth and clarity. I highly recommend her guidance to anyone seeking to unlock their potential and find clarity in their personal and professional lives.

Emily (Roberts) Docherty -

Kim entered my life at a particularly challenging time as I was unable to manage my stress well. She worked closely with me to tailor methods that work for me and created a safe space for me to discuss any troubles. I highly recommend Kim, she's a real life angel!

Reset Retreat 2025

Jan 12-17th Jan with The Refillables 

Topic: Connecting & grounding  back into the Feminine 

Welcome to our 2nd International Retreat in the Spiritual Land of Bali . The theme this year is - Grounding back into your Feminine Shakti.

The Retreat is a 6 day 5 night immersion into self, into healing the womb & connecting that healed energy to the expression of the throat chakra. An all Women retreat, with The Refillables also leading us to the give-back to the local community in Bali.

The retreat includes healing, meditation, full moon white party, excursions in bali , give back & the beautiful accomodation with food,

Dm us to save your spot- limited rooms given the nature of work.


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