Release The Baggage


Have you wondered about the effect of the Invisible?

If you carried a bag of 20 kgs every single day, a day would surely come that you would drop it.
Then what about the invisible weight we carry? 

Something about the invisible has always piqued my interest.
Such is the topic of this week’s reflection.

In the picture below the artist so beautifully captures how the physical body reacts to the invisible grief, yet not knowing better how to address the source.

Grief has many forms:

  •  loss of a loved one, to another or their passing.
  • loss of opportunity.
  • loss of one’s own identity.
  • regret.
  • holding back emotions.
  • inability to express true feelings and many many other bottled up emotions.
Then how can one Let go of this baggage?
  •  acknowledge its existence.
  • be patient with yourself or the person you are helping.
  • don’t try logic-suppressed emotions need heightened energy not logical explanations.
  • raise your vibration- through movement, meditation, nutritious food and the right company.
  • set the intention to let go & follow your thoughts through the day- you will be surprised how the subconscious responds when you give it permission to let go.
  • rest & rejuvenate through a massage, a swim, some yoga- the stretching releases the blocked energy in the muscles & meridian lines.

and lastly give yourself permission to FORGIVE, yourself 1st & then everyone else.

Until next week, stay in love & live as light as a feather.
Much love & light always,


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