Five signs of Burn Out!!

They say the signs are always there, but hand on heart we don’t see it .

Last year the last quarter was just mental – as a mental health expert too -I missed those signs – simply because I was focusing on the right things, my goals, my fitness, my work, my purpose, my self development – how can that cause Burn out?

Well, news flash – we aren’t machines!! I strongly believe we go through some lessons only to pass it on later.

so here are 5 signs you are heading toward Burn out:
  1. When you hit your head on the pillow – you pass out :

    This is a sign that you’ve literally given your Everything and you are FULLY depleted.

  2. You don’t have “nothing time” :

    The calendar, the routine even weekends are scheduled. There is no time for nothing – either physical or no thinking – just gazing time.

  3. You haven’t been to a beach, park or hillside –

    Even if it’s a stone throw away, Life is happening at a pace that can no longer be controlled ,that you have no time to pause and notice.

  4. You forget what day, week, date and even what happened when:

    This is more when the burn out is mental, that the mind pushes back everything so quickly as it’s got so much more to process.

  5. You haven’t said “NO” …… to others :

    You show up all the time, for the purpose, the family, the friends, the community. You are an over achiever and just CAN”T say no, because what you are and what you do matters.

Life is not easy – but it’s not so complicated either , here are things I did and 2024 hasn’t been that bad
  1. Set a routine – self care, work time, family time, nothing time, and decompressing time – which means no matter what – post 7 pm no work – a hard stop, bed time & waking up time set in stone.

  2. Start saying no, no to last minute changes , no to random invitations, no to anything I felt I “had to go to”.

  3. Communicate Honestly – if you know you want to do something, or something is not vibing with you – speak up , letting it simmer within you, creates an emotional drain taking more of your energy.

  4. Organize better – this is such a subtle change but a massive shift, Keep your environment clean, lean onto processes & systems – Decision making fatigue takes a toll on us.

  5. Accept what is : everyone likes things to go a certain way – but ACCEPT when it isn’t. People and situations are not defined by potential only – but also capacity.

Life is about purpose, life is about being there for others,
but life is also about living and having your cup full.

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